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11th February, 2019

Tri-Wall Establishes Joint Venture in Mexico


We are proud to announce that TW Mexico Packaging Solutions (hereinafter referred to as ‘TW Mexico’) is officially open for business! This is an exciting moment that will allow Tri-Wall to reinforce its global network by increasing our ability to serve customers in a new market, Mexico. Mexico has become an important global hub for the automotive industry and our existing multi-national customers have already expressed interest in working with Tri-Wall in Mexico.

TW Mexico is a joint venture between TW America and Pepe Fernandez, who is also the President of the newly formed entity. Mr. Fernandez has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to the Mexican automotive and packaging industries. He previously held senior positions in GM, Nissan, ZF, and Victory Packaging. Giovanni Nicoletti, who previously worked with Mr. Fernandez in Victory Packaging, has been appointed as General Manager of TW Mexico.

To start, we have opened an office in Monterrey, Mexico where we work with local suppliers to provide innovative packaging designs to our customers. As we grow, we have ambitions to open warehouses throughout the country.

Below you can find the contact information of TW Mexico:

TW Mexico Packaging Solutions, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Address: José Benitez 2450, Interior 102
Col. Obispado
Monterrey, Nuevo León
México C.P. 64060

Pepe Fernandez
Tel: +52 (1) 818 254 4188

Giovanni Nicoletti
Tel: +52 (1) 812 002 9141