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23rd April, 2015

Tri-Wall Austria joins our family

Tri-Wall Austria

We would like to share some great news about our Tri-Wall Europe Group!

Tri-Wall Austria is a box making company in Graz, Austria. It serves for heavy-duty package and supply package service to customers. With many years of experience, it is also well equipped in providing CKD, SKD, and logistic solution services.

Hence, the new company will make great contribution to improve our current business position and conditions in the Continent regions and it can fasten our business development in East European countries as well.

Tri-Wall Austria Packaging systems GmbH – as a specialized multi-material packaging organization is a new fabricator of Tri-Wall Group in Austria. The organization was founded in 2008, managing first of all exports from Europe to the rest of the world (Chrysler CKD Locations).

Tri-Wall Austria Packaging Systems GmbH, has currently 25 employees and is located in the small industrial town of Hofstätten an der Raab, about 25 KM northeast of Graz and about 170 KM south of Vienna. Tri-Wall Austria is located in the center of six Magna Manufacturing Plants.

Company name: Tri-Wall Austria Packaging Systems, GmbH

Address:       Pirching 90, 8200 Hofstätten an der Raab,

Firmenbuch: LG für ZRS Graz, Austria

Tel :           +43 3112 38 12

Fax :          + 43 3112 38 121 13