Environment & Life

Make Earth Green Again

Yukihiro Masuda, President of WiLLiFE organizes a “Tree Planting Tour” to Mongolia every year. Normally, various people from the Tri-Wall Group participate in the tour, but this year, due to schedule conflicts, only Masuda-san and Himematsu-san, a funeral service consultant, went to Selenge Province to plant trees and to check the condition of trees planted in past years. Due to forest fires and other natural phenomenon, seedling survival is only 50%. Realizing that, Masuda-san admitted, “To be honest, I was a little scared to see the site where we had planted. However, when I saw the greens in the field, spontaneously I made a wish to each tree. Please grow bigger and bigger and become a forest for saving our earth…”

Not giving up !

Believing in continuance and habit can deliver results, Masuda-san says, “It would be great if we can continue these activities with the support of the Tri-Wall Group for years to come and leave this forest to future generations.”