Announcement of Change of Shareholders in Tri‐Wall Holdings Limited

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Tri-Wall Austria passed the QM Audit by ISO 9001:2015

As one of the first companies to pass the new ISO Audit since being revised in Austria and globally, Tri-Wall Austria passed the QM audit by ISO 9001:2015, which is known worldwide as the new standard in quality management. The new standard incorporates new extended requirements as compared to the previous version.

Singapore Polytechnic Design School project in Singapore

In the 2nd quarter of 2016, Tri-Wall completed a project with the Singapore Polytechnic Design School(SPDS). This event was for the 3rd year students during their Graduation Night for their final projects. There were 500 pcs of Tri-Wall AAAF Size 1400 x 2300mm being used to complete the project.

Appointment of a new Fabricator in the UK

Suttons Performance Packaging were welcomed into the UK Fabricator network by Yuji Suzuki, the Chairman of Tri-Wall Group, during his visit to Europe on the 4th February.

Suttons are a dynamic company with a broad range of production and design capabilities, ranging from complex foam fittings, to conventional and heavy duty corrugated manufacturing. Their position in the East of the U.K. provides good local coverage for Tri-Wall.

Tri-Wall Turkey received Award in Crescent and Stars of Packaging Competition

Tri-Wall Turkey was awarded the Silver Award in Industrial and Transport Packages Category at the “Crescent and Stars of Packaging Competition”. It was the 6th competition held this year by the Packaging Manufacturers Association of Turkey. The competition is also called “The Oscars of Packaging”. 

Tri-Wall China Point of Purchase(POP) project in Nanjing

From November 21st to January 10th, a POP display was on display in one of the largest shopping malls in Nanjing, China. The display was created by the POP department of the Tri-Wall Shanghai R&D center and attracted hundreds of visitors in the shopping mall. Most visitors were parents and their children because the theme of this display was about a famous cartoon character in China.

Damborghini in Japan

Lamborghini? No, it’s Damborghini!(“Damboru” means corrugated cardboards in Japanese).

Konno Kompo, one of Tri-Wall Japan’s fabricators, created a full scale model of a supercar called “Damborghini” mainly made of Tri-Wall materials. As soon as Konno Kompo’s amazing and sophisticated work was shown on the internet, it attracted media attention.

Konno Kompo is located in Miyagi prefecture in Tohoku region, which suffered devastating damage during the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. At that time, Tri-Wall donated Tri-Wall materials to make emergency shelter facilities such as partition boards, beds and selves.

Tri-Wall kicks off POP business in the UK with Birmingham City University (BCU) Faculty of Arts, Design and Media

As the mission of Group Headquarters, Tri-Wall Limited (TWL) extends their support and services to each region in order to develop and promote new and existing business.

As one of the key elements to support sales and marketing, TWL looks for innovative ways to utilize our global network strength. We are very pleased to introduce a collaborative and innovative project that started in Hong Kong and now has expanded to the UK

On 27th Nov, 2015, Tri-Wall kicked off our POP business in the UK with Birmingham City University (BCU) Faculty of Arts, Design and Media. BCU has designed and introduced a Module for their Level 5 Product Design students. In this Module, the students are required to create a feasible product/object using the material ratio of 70% Tri-Wall products and 30% others within a 12-week workshop. Due to the recyclability of the Tri-Wall products, the students are also required to develop products that can be easily recycled and reintroduced into the manufacturing process.

We all look forward to see each student’s creative work by the end of February, 2016.

Tri-Wall Limited Conducted A Collaborative Project With HKDI

Committed to providing quality education to cultivate knowledge, professionalism and new talents for the evolving creative industries, Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) adopts a “Think and Do” approach through contemporary curriculum and active collaborations with industry. With strong strengths across Foundation Studies, Communication Design and Digital Media, Fashion and Image Design, and Product and Interior Design, HKDI is one of the top design universities in Asia area.

This time, we are glad to conduct the collaborative project with Product and Interior Design department of HKDI to introduce our Tri-Wall brand and products. This project is under supervised by Birmingham City University.

On 7th September, Y. Mizutani and Joan Zhu from TWL attended the introduction session of BCU (Birmingham City University) Mini Project with over 90 students and faculties and gave a lecture about Tri-Wall Group, Tri-Wall Products and Tri-Wall’s Creative Activities.

In this project, student will create a functional cardboard structure by applying various construction jointing methods. Understanding how products respond to the environmental loads placed upon them is an important part of design. As one of the important new material, corrugated board is attracting more and more attentions from designers. Starting with an introduction to materials’ properties, and simple engineering principles, the subject develops an understanding of how form and material choice can be manipulated to achieve the desired design outcome.

Congratulations to Tri-Wall Packaging (Thai) Ltd for acquiring the ISO 9001 Certification

On February 2015, TWPT started the application for ISO 9001 Initial Assessment with AJA Registrars in Thailand. After numerous efforts in early June 2015, TWPT finally received the Registration Certification of ISO 9001: 2008 which is issued by AJA Registrars.

ISO9001 certification emphasis the quality management of a company’s products. It makes sure that all the products are documented and implemented according to the nationally mandated ISO 9001:2008 standards. Some criteria of ISO9001 certification require the company to be a customer-focused organization. Moreover, it also requires the company to have a management system, continual improvement, and some mutually beneficial supplier relationships.

Congratulations to all employees in TWPT for their efforts. Thanks for their hard work to achieve the requirements which will ensure an effective operation in our Group.