Tri-Wall Establishes Joint Venture in Michigan, United States

We are pleased to announce that Tri-Wall Limited has established TW Michigan Inc., a joint venture in Michigan, United States, for manufacturing and sales of heavy duty packaging materials.

TW Michigan is a joint venture with HG Packaging, LLC, a company located in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan which mainly supplies heavy duty packaging for automobile component manufacturers.

The Tri-Wall Group carries out its business related to heavy duty corrugated packaging mainly in Asia and Europe. By having this manufacturing and sales location in the United States, where the manufacturing sector, including the automobile industry, is expected to return, Tri-Wall aims to further strengthen its business and meet packaging needs which are becoming more diverse and global.

Overview of TW Michigan Inc.

Address 28501 Goddard, Suite #100-103, Romulus Michigan 48174, U.S.A.
Representative Bernhard Reumuller
Shareholders Tri-Wall Group (51%), HG Packaging, LLC (49%)
Main business Manufacturing and sales of heavy duty packaging materials
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