Tri-Wall Package Competition was launched at Tianjin University of Commerce

On 22nd May, the final of “2016 Tri-Wall Package Competition” was launched at Tianjin University of Commerce with the topic of “Beautiful life and happy packaging”. The competition was hosted by Tianjin University of Commerce and sponsored by Tri-Wall China. The judge panel was composed of senior scholars and business representatives which ensured the authority and justice of this competition. The projects were closely related to the topic from Tri-Wall with features of practical and producible. Meanwhile, all the projects showed the environmental-friendly feature of Tri-Wall materials. At the end, the design of Wang Xuelian from North China University of science and technology won the 1st place with her design of Children Table and chair package design. The “Groove packing” of Wang Xizu from Tianjin University of Commerce got the Viewer’s Choice Award.

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